5 ways to improve your sales during COVID 19



This year our world has gone through unprecedented change, on both a personal and business level. Amidst all this there are positives, and among those positives is the opportunity for businesses to focus on their digital housekeeping, more importantly – website improvements.

Are you able to take advantage of such an opportunity – we know so!

There are most likely a good deal of ways you can improve your website, and not just from the good ol’ Google search rankings, which is always important. Your website may also be not as user friendly as you may believe, and all of this impacts your ability to make sales.

Let’s take at some website improvements that you can use to increase your sales through COVID 19 shall we:

1. Make your website load faster

The number 1 killer for website sales is page speed. If you think it will fix itself, then I hate to break it to you, but that’s not how it works. One would assume that all websites load quickly, however that is usually not the case.

A slow web page not only is a huge determinant in whether a visitor leaves or stays, but also plays a key role in how your website is ranked by good ol’ Google and other search engines. To put that in perspective, having a fast loading website makes you easier to find AND is more likely to keep customers.

You can improve your load time in a bunch of ways. One of the ways that is effective is downloading a WordPress plugin, such as SMUSH to lazy load images and condense file sizes. If you’re willing to spend a bit of money, getting a dedicated cloud server to allow more bandwidth goes a long way.

2. Update your written content

You may be wondering why this matters – I mean if your content is already readable and optimized, why should you spend more time on it. Well what it boils down to is your SEO, and study’s have shown that in order to rank up, it is important to keep your content fresh.

To bring your copy to 2020, you can do the following:

  • Ensure your sales content is short, concise and has life to it – don’t be wordy, it will have a negative impact on your sales
  • Update facts
  • Insert links in relevant locations throughout your website
  • Optimize your keywords

Some business owners attempt to cut corners by using content from other websites, but this is a big no no with good ol’ Google, who can hide your URLs from being shown in their searches.

3. Play with Call to Action colours

Your CTA is meant to be clicked, and if it’s hard to find, or don’t draw users eyes to it, that’s a missed opportunity. That’s why changing even the smallest thing, like the colour, can make a huge impact

Testing different colours depending on your industry to find out which works best is always a good idea, until you find the one that works best.

4. Provide outstanding customer service options

During the pandemic, business phone lines were at times impossible to get through. This proved frustrating for customers, and if they did get through, they would receive poor customer services – something no business wants.

To avoid this, we recommend implementing a live chat services to your website. This allows you to better manage your customers, in addition to being able to provide lightning quick customer service.

5. Update your pictures and videos

There is no way to downplay the importance of images and videos for your website. You could have the best copy in the world, but if all your users sees is a sea of text, chances are.. they will leave. 

If customers don’t have a good looking product image to see what they’re buying, they may consider shopping elsewhere. This is why pictures and videos are so important when helping with buyers decisions.

Ensure the lighting for the products is good, with shots taken from different angles.

We hope this helps you improve your sales during COVID 19 and beyond.


Create your lasting impression

Ready to begin your website design journey? We are so excited to learn all about your business, and build you the custom site you need.


Create your lasting impression

Ready to begin your website design journey? We are so excited to learn all about your business, and build you the custom site you need.

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