The best ways to effectively promote your content [4 ways]



Today we’ll chat about effective content promotion strategies to drive more customers to your website’s content.

As a business owner, you toil away creating content and sharing it with your customers. Along the way, you earn their trust, establish social credibility and turn those into conversions. Before all that fun stuff we all strive for, people need to see the content, and that my friends is where content promotion comes in.

Regardless of your goals, be it more blog views or increasing traffic to your online store, here are five effective tips to promote your content:

1. Email subscribers of your newsletters

Email marketing plays a huge part in marketing your content, those who subscribe usually want to know what’s new in the world of you. Some things you can send them are new key informations about your site, pertinent links to your website, or even new blog posts (as a blog  poster, I love this).

Including subject lines that capture the users attention, you can use email marketing as a great way to promote your content.

You may be wondering, “is it worth it?” well there are nearly 300 billion emails sent every day. This means that you, me and everyone else EXPECTS emails (sometimes to our dismay) but moral of the story, everyone checks their emails daily, giving you the perfect opportunity to promote your content.

2. Include captivating images in your content

Your blog may be a masterpiece, with all the right information your users are looking for, but if you’re disregarding ways to capture the user’s attention. Smart companies understand this, and are always working on ways to attract potential new users.

By adding captivating images and graphics, you make a statement to your viewers. From that point on they understand what they will get from your content.

Some great ways to add images are:

  • Using high quality images in your email newsletters
  • Including images in your social media posts
  • When talking about products, including an image with packaging, assembly and real life cases goes a long way

You bring a new dimension to your users experience when you include captivating and relevant images. This can increase re-read times, lowering your bounce rate and getting that reach out there which is all the name of the game.

3. Utilize those social media pages… you made them for a reason.

One of the biggest reasons why businesses fail to grow their reach is lack of consistency in social media postings. Users love to share what they are seeing with those they care about, and one of those people can turn into a converting customer.

Those businesses that are active in the social media community allow for a greater distribution in information and content promotion, turning into more and more inbound customers.

Some ways you can approach your content promotion on social is:

  • Tweet, post and share your articles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Ensure your Instagram Ad post has an image, directing people to your content
  • If you like to use rich video platforms such as YouTube, informing people about your business there goes a long way

4. Influencers, love them or hate them, they can be a great asset

Just like you can promote your posts through Ads on social media, you can also touch base with an influencer who is relevant in your business space. This method of promotion has grown in recent times as people are more likely to take interest in what their favourite influencer is doing or using.

Influencers regularly connect with their fans and followers, and as such allows for a window to promote your content.

Ways that influencers can help your business:

  • Increasing your brand recognition and social credibility
  • Help with creating content
  • Increase your sales through affiliate marketing

If you are trying to get people to see the new content you’ve got, or if you’re trying to find best ways to promote your website, using these tips can help drive traffic to your site.


Create your lasting impression

Ready to begin your website design journey? We are so excited to learn all about your business, and build you the custom site you need.


Create your lasting impression

Ready to begin your website design journey? We are so excited to learn all about your business, and build you the custom site you need.

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