The five important elements of brand storytelling



Brand storytelling  is essential if you are trying to grow your business to a new level. If your company is lacking this fundamental element, then you blend in to the monotony of everyone else and your customers will look somewhere else.

When you tell a story with your branding, your business stays in the forefront of customers minds and remember what you’re about.

Touching on your customers emotions is ideal when talking about your brand, and while you tell your story, you’re also telling them about you.

Today we cover not one, not two, but five titular elements of brand storytelling, lets get into it.

1. Understand your audience

The feeling you get knowing your brand story is effective is satisfying. You know it’s impactful when customers remember it throughout their customer journey, from the learner to the hardcore fan. A great way to understand who your audience is, is figuring out, and utilizing your core demographic information.

You can find this out by getting your customer data through something like Google Analytics, or by going directly to the source and asking your followers on your social media.

It’s so vital to know this information because you’re designing for them, and design is not a “fit all” product.

2. Hammer down your style, and be true to you

Okay so now you know your audience right? Excellent. Now it’s time to figure out the fun stuff: style. No I don’t mean what you’re going to wear to the office tomorrow, I’m talking about your brand.

You need to stay true to yourself, while also ensuring it is still relevant to your product. You don’t have to look at your competitor and just be like “alright I’ll copy their design but put my logo on it”, you should ask yourself a few questions before figuring out your style:

  1. Why is it that your brand is in existence?
  2. What are the problems I’m looking to solve for people?
  3. What separates me from the competition?
  4. What hardships have we overcome as a brand?

After you’ve done this, you can get to the real designing.

3. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.

Yes, I said it three times, you may have heard the phrase “consistency is key”, guess what? Whoever said that was right. Staying consistent through all your design is of the upmost importance when talking about brand recognition.

You can’t have half your branding with frilly flowers and polka dots, then switching it up to a minimalistic, flat design for the second half. Don’t be that person.

When you get brand recognition working for you, people will begin to trigger themselves subconsciously to recognize your brand.

4. Ready player 1? Build your character.

To capture customers attention, you have to build your brand’s character to one that the customers can relate to. You must be approachable.

To do this, you have to use language that your customers would use. If you’re appealing to a younger crowd, then using memes and chatting with them as they are your friends goes a long way.

If you’re approaching established business professionals, the opposite comes true. You want to use formal language, implementing elegant and refined post’s for your social. 

You want to level with your customers.

5. Whatever they do, you can do better

This may come off as contradictory, as we’ve kept touching on the fact that you need to be true to yourself, however by looking at your competitors you can get an idea of what they’re doing.. then do better

Is your website developed? Is your website and brand uniform? Are you standing out?

We hope you are able to find help in this article and find ways to implement your story in your business branding.

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