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With so many websites out there nowadays, and user’s attention being grabbed by anything and everything new and shiny, the trend towards blogs is becoming more and more important for your business.

Starting off, the reason most people visit business websites is to get some sort of information from it. Be it contact information, pricing, the kind of services etc. at the end of the day, they’re trying to gain some value and move on with either the sale, or the next website. With most websites providing the same generic value to their users, there’s nothing to help them “stand out” so users move on.

Enter, blog.

When I first heard about blogs, and blogging and the good ol’ “bloggers” I thought to myself, “I’ll never want to become one of those”. This was in part because I didn’t really understand the medium. I believed that it was a way for people to have these long winded rants about their lives, or product reviews or SOMETHING.

It’s true, there are blogs like that out there today, but then there’s another side to it. There are blogs that businesses have brought out that allow them to leverage their knowledge on a certain topic to their benefit. By using this tool that is all to easy, they are working on being engaging with their audience, while also saying “hey look, we do other cool things too” and people stick around because it’s something different, something other businesses aren’t doing.

If you’re willing to give blogging a chance for your business, here’s what growing an audience can do for you:

1. Provide fresh and interesting content for your clients

As we touched on before, as companies you have to provide fresh and interesting content in order to keep your users interested, just to compete with everyone else. Should a user become interested, and even start following your blog, then you’ve gained something incredibly valuable, a long term client. 

Your blog to them is free value, giving them insights in ways they don’t usually see and this is enough to keep you in the forefront of their minds.

2. Bring your social media and emails to your website

Marketing campaigns are the bread and butter for bringing new users to your site. When you include links to your new blog posts, or any fresh content on social media, newsletters or any other form of media you choose, it get’s users wondering “hm what’s this” and that’s one step closer to getting a new user on your site. Another potential client

The key takeaway is you need to keep providing interesting content, and with that new content they tell more and more people. Win-win for both of you.

3. That good ol’ Google, they love it

When the little computer robots come crawling around your site, it checks you up and down to look for new things for it to read. If your website is done being reviewed, Google gives you a number like here you go you’re position #283 on the results that fit your specific content description.

Google won’t come back until it sees that you have fresh new content. Which is a huge reason why blogs are so important, the more new information you have on your site, the more often Google comes around, and the higher you start to move up for the contents search results.

4. Theres no cost except time

Any time you can get something for free in this world, you take it. If I were to tell you there was a way to get free marketing, you’d listen right? Well my friends, here is your free marketing: Blogs. It is tough to come by being a small business owner, but it can reap so many benefits in the long term if you just stick with it.

If you’re looking for a website that includes a blog, there are many options we can provide and once you’re on your way, any time you need a hand we’re always here. That’s our promise to you.

5. You know those keywords we talk about? Blogs are a great place to slap them in

Google loves blogs, but the reason to rank up is with the amount of keywords you can put into a blog. Using keywords that are specific to your business, like “develop a website in Vancouver”, or “web developer Vancouver” (you see what we did there) it’s a great way to ensure you’ll show up in searches. The key (wait for it) for great keywords (pun intended) is for using phrases that users would search in google to find you.

We hope these little pointers help you understand why a blog is important for your business. As always, don’t hesitate to chat with us, we love to talk geek.

Cheers, A.


Create your lasting impression

Ready to begin your website design journey? We are so excited to learn all about your business, and build you the custom site you need.


Create your lasting impression

Ready to begin your website design journey? We are so excited to learn all about your business, and build you the custom site you need.

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